Dental Cavities: Is Your Child at Risk?

Many children will develop cavities in their teeth, even though their parents try to take good care of their oral health. Often the reason for tooth decay can be due to eating seemingly healthy foods that contain high levels of hidden sugars; fruit juices and granola are two examples. Another possible cause is baby bottle tooth decay, when a child is sent to bed with a sugary drink such as milk, formula or juice. Some parents are also unsure of the need to look after a child’s milk teeth.

Ideally, your child should begin regular preventative dental care soon after their first tooth appears. This allows them to become accustomed to regularly seeing a dentist and we can provide useful advice on how best to care for your child’s teeth at home. As your child grows up, we can work with them directly and our experienced dental therapist will show them the best way to brush and floss on their own.
With the correct dental care your child can grow up with a healthy, cavity-free smile.

Nov, 20, 2017