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Braces are an age-old treatment for crooked and misaligned teeth. Yet, many people avoid getting their teeth straightened because of the possible discomfort that could follow. At New Age Dental, we have reliable and trusted dentists for dental braces near Lalor. Our team is passionate about delivering the most compassionate and attentive care to help you achieve great oral health and a glowing smile.

Here, at New Age Dental, we diagnose the need for both fixed and removable braces for children and adults.

How can braces help?

  • Keeping gum diseases and tooth decay at bay

Plaque build-up or food particles stuck in the teeth can lead to gingivitis or soft-tissue infection. This is more common among people with misaligned teeth. Brushing and flossing can also become difficult if the teeth are too crooked or overlapping. Getting dental braces near Lalor will make maintaining your teeth and gum health easier.

  • Preventing bone erosion

If left untreated, teeth and gum infections could cause bacteria to reach the bones at the base of the tooth, which can further lead to bone erosion over time if the issue is left untreated. Dental braces help get your teeth aligned, which in turn helps maintain good oral health and hygiene.

  • Improving your quality of life

When the teeth are misaligned, the bite is affected. This can make biting into, and chewing, foods difficult. Dental braces can improve your teeth by aligning them, removing any need for food restrictions, and reducing discomfort overall.

    Fixed Braces in Bundoora

    When Is It Better to Use Fixed Braces?

    Although it has become increasingly common to use removable braces, sometimes fixed braces can provide more predictable results. Fixed braces consist of brackets that are cemented onto teeth and which are connected to thin wires and elastics. Orthodontists can precisely move teeth by adjusting the amount of force and its direction on any particular tooth. The brackets can be made from metal, or those looking for a more discreet option may wish to choose a clear ceramic material.

    Bundoora Braces for Kids

    What Are Lingual Braces?

    Conventional fixed braces are fixed onto the outside surfaces of teeth, but lingual braces are fitted onto the inside or lingual surfaces of teeth. Once in place they are virtually invisible, but are only used in specific situations.

    Bundoora Removable Braces for Adults

    Who Can Have Removable Braces?

    Removable braces tend to be suitable for older teenagers and adults who do not have significant problems with the alignment of their teeth. Removable braces such as Invisalign are extremely popular and in the right circumstances can produce great results.

    When you come to see us at New Age Dental near Lalor for an initial consultation for braces, our dentist can examine the alignment of your teeth and your bite, and will discuss options that might be suitable for you.

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