Why You Should Consider Saliva Testing

Saliva is an amazing substance as it helps to protect your dental health. If you are unable to produce sufficient good quality saliva, your risk of dental problems increases. Its quality can be influenced by prescription medications or may be a side effect of health problems, and lifestyle habits can make a difference. Saliva quality may decline if you are stressed or dehydrated.

It’s worth having a saliva test if you have a persistently dry mouth, bad breath or have noticed your food doesn’t taste quite the same. The test is a simple, quick and non-invasive procedure allowing us to gain valuable information about your dental health and your general health. Once we have the results from your saliva test, we can carefully tailor your treatment plan to your oral health requirements. If needed, our dentist can recommend changes to your lifestyle habits or to your diet to help manage saliva problems.

Apr, 02, 2018