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New Age Dental is a family oriented dental practice Near Thomastown and we encourage children to come and see us at regular intervals. Whenever possible, we like to begin seeing children from a very early age, soon after they get their first tooth. Our child dentist helps to make the dental visit comfortable for both parents and children. These early visits are a great opportunity for children to get to know us and for parents to learn more about their child’s oral care.

Why is Children’s Dentistry Important?

Children love sweets and food items that can cause decay in the teeth. A lack of attention to oral hygiene early on can cause more damage than is healthy. We patiently help parents and children develop good oral hygiene right from the beginning to reduce the need for restorative dental treatments in the future. This is achieved by teaching children to brush and floss regularly.

Routine dental checks for your children will also make sure that their teeth and gums remain healthy and strong.

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    Can You Prevent Tooth Decay in Children?

    We do focus on preventative dentistry and will do everything we can to help your child’s teeth remain strong and healthy, we hope well into adulthood. By assessing their risk of tooth decay, we can suggest preventative care and treatments to reduce this risk.

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    Can You Help Children Who Feel Nervous or Anxious About Dental Visits?

    We understand the need to be gentle and patient with children visiting the dental clinic. Our team works to create a child-friendly environment for children of all ages.

    Our dental team is extremely gentle with all our patients, but we take extra care of children and treat them as if they were our own. There are lots of things we can do to help nervous children feel more comfortable, so please talk to our child dentist Near Thomastown to find out how we can assist your child. You can call us on (03) 9467 6759 or visit us at Suite 5, Level 1, 20 Scholar Drive, Bundoora VIC 3083. You can also connect with our team to know about our services or to address your queries.

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