How to Care for Your New Dental Crown

We actually mill most crowns here so it is usually done on the same day.  The process is about 2-3 hours and involves a 3d scan and milling of special materials followed by heat treatment and then placing the crown.

Caring for Your Temporary Crown

Avoid eating anything very hard, crunchy or sticky that could dislodge or break the crown. Brush gently around the crown to keep your gums strong and healthy. When flossing, be gentle, removing the floss sideways rather than popping it back out to avoid dislodging your crown. If your temporary crown does come loose, contact us immediately to have it bonded back in place until we can fit your permanent crown.

Caring for Your Permanent Crown

After your permanent crown is fitted and bonded in place, it’s normal to feel some sensitivity as it settles down. You can care for your new crown exactly like your natural teeth, ensuring you brush around it at least twice a day and that you floss daily. Because your new crown is cemented in place, flossing will not dislodge it.

Feb, 15, 2022