The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are frequently the treatment of choice for missing teeth, and there are lots of advantages in choosing this procedure. We’ve listed some of the benefits below.

  • Improved speech, and especially if you currently wear ill-fitting dentures that move out of place, causing you to slur or mumble words.
  • Better appearance because dental implants look and feel just like your natural teeth. Here at New Age Dental, all dental implant teeth are individually designed to complement our patients’ features, facial structure, gender and even their personality.
  • Better comfort as dental implants become part of your jawbone, eliminating the discomfort of wearing removable dentures.
  • Improved ability to eat your favorite foods confidently and without pain. Because dental implants increase the biting force, you may find more foods are back on the menu.
  • Dental implants can improve your oral health because they are self-supporting, unlike a tooth-supported bridge. This can protect your natural teeth, and individual implants are particularly easy to care for.
  • With proper care, dental implants are very durable and should last many years. Some people will enjoy their dental implants for life.
  • Dental implants are the only treatment that helps to protect your jawbone, preventing the deterioration the naturally occurs after tooth loss.

May, 20, 2019