Back to School: How to Keep Your Kid’s Teeth Safe

As children prepare to return to school, make sure your child goes back with a clean and healthy mouth. Here are some simple steps to ensure they receive top marks for dental health.

Start Early

Good dental care starts early, as soon as your baby’s teeth come through. At this stage, make an appointment to come and see us for a quick checkup and gain lots of useful information on how to care for your child’s teeth in between appointments.

Brush Twice Daily

Make sure your child brushes teeth at least twice a day, ideally first thing in the morning and last thing at night and you will need to supervise them until they can brush for the full two minutes, usually until age 7.

Get Them Involved with Their Dental Care

Get your child interested in dental care by letting them pick a toothpaste flavour they like and preferable one that has fluoride to help protect the teeth, as well as an appropriate child-sized toothbrush. After brushing it is best to only rinse if needed and only with water.

Replace the toothbrush regularly when the bristles become worn or after your child has been ill, and be sure to use a soft bristle brush

Pack a Healthy Lunch

Pack your child’s lunchbox with tooth-friendly foods like cheese, crunchy fruits and vegetables and ideally, plain milk or water to drink.

Feb, 15, 2021