Anxious about Visiting the Dentist?

As a caring and compassionate dental practice, we fully understand some people feel particularly anxious or nervous when they need dental treatment. This is why our custom-designed clinic has sedation equipment built into our treatment rooms and we have worked hard to create a calm and relaxing environment. Sedation dentistry can be enormously useful in helping nervous patients relax during treatment and the level of sedation is precisely adjusted to cater to your requirements. It includes sleep dentistry which is given intravenously, and which can be very helpful if you require lengthier or more complex treatments to comfortably restore dental health.

When you choose New Age Dental as your dental practice, you are assured of receiving the highest quality dental care. Sedation dentistry is provided by an extremely experienced anaesthetic team. Every person considering sedation dentistry is carefully evaluated for their suitability and our experienced anaesthetist will closely monitor you during your treatment and while you recover. We take every precaution to ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Jan, 11, 2018