7 Ways to Enhance Your Well-Being

A sense of well-being doesn’t need to cost a fortune and we’ve outlined some easy ways to improve health and wellness.

  1. Walking

Walking is completely free, and you only need comfortable shoes. Commit to walking a few days a week at an intensity that is comfortable.

  1. Meditate

Once you know how to meditate it will help to calm your mind. Focusing on your breathing reduces negativity and can help manage anxiety and pain.

  1. Get Creative

Adult colouring books are a great way to manage stress. Alternatively grab a piece of paper and get doodling or even create something from nature.

  1. Get a Pet

Pet owners enjoy lower levels of anxiety, stress and depression. If owning a pet isn’t practical then volunteer at an animal shelter or visit friends with pets.

  1. Get Social

Having a good network of friends is important and social support reduces stress, increases quality of life and health.

  1. Laugh

Laughter increases good hormones and can decrease blood pressure and your heart rate. It can also strengthen your immune system.

  1. Sleep

Deep and restful sleep is essential for your well-being. If needed, change your sleeping habits to increase sleep quality. Turn off the screen at least 45 minutes before bedtime and take the time out to relax before you go to bed.

Jul, 16, 2018